So on my 4th day of roaming around Vancouver I finally made it to Stanley Park or actually made it around Stanley Park that is, and after the nice long 5-6 mile walk my crew and I meet up with the line in front of Stepho’s Greek Taverna. It seemed like the place to go for Greek. So we waited about 10 minutes and were seated at the second waiting area and after another 5 minute or so wait there for a table we were finally seated and presented with the menu.

It was filled with several selections. Further research though, lead me to believe that their were various options that were not  listed, it would have been nice to have known that, but we had so many options already that it would have just complicated things further. After a few minutes we were approached by our waiter (who was covered in sweat) with some water. His presence made me a little bit unsettled and I didn’t want to offend him by asking for another waiter so I chalked it up to him being a hard worker and reviewed the many options that I was presented. There were really just too many things on this menu so to deviate from ordering my usual I inquired with my waiter for his recommendation which was the BBQ chicken. We also selected my usual dish the chicken souvlaki and the grilled prawns.

The restaurant is pretty big from others that I have seen in the area and the staff looks overworked and fixed on an incessant hurried pace. About 10 minutes after we placed our order our food arrived. Wow! A little too quick, if you know what I mean.


I sampled the prawns and they were ok, not chewy, with a little bit of flavor but nothing to write home about.  The souvlaki was good and offered something noteworthy as the chicken was cooked to perfection, not hard or gnawing as it can sometimes be. The BBQ did surpass my expectations, but this was definitely not done in any way close to traditional BBQ. Plainly stated, it’s the grilled chicken souvlaki with BBQ sauce, but it is good.

The true highlight of the dishes is the Pita. It is warm, pillowy, lightly buttered, and about twice the size of anything else I’ve been delivered outside of a food market.

What I liked is that the service is quick, the food is decent, the portions plentiful and it’s a good value. What I did not like was how much food I saw being wasted, my waiter’s sloppy state, and the wait that I hear is even worse during dinner service. Number one restaurant in Vancouver? I don’t know about that despite the accolades, I thinking Vij is a better contender (much much longer wait though).

 Food 6/10 Décor 4/10 Service 5/10 Prices 8/10